Harry Carlson – Artist. Great new Exhibitions coming!


Harry Carlson — it is a monicker of a recognized artist but working under a pseudonym. The idea being to be recognized for his work in the work above all and to pass an artistic idea. The painting is judged on its intrinsic value before being judged on the notoriety of the painter.
This artistic movement is a form of suggestion that the painter propose to spectator, as taking him as witness, he involves him in his painting but as an observer. This creates interactivity between the looking and the watched.
The complex multi-layered painting technique and unique to this painter creates an impression of palpable relief in his painting.
The compilation presents last few cycles of the Artist’s paintings.

In a series of paintings titled “Jazz Emotion” through the recognizable personalities of musicians the artist had expressed the essence of music – music as a vibrating emotion. In his paintings music rhythm is surprisingly well disclosed through color and texture , as well as the sound expression – through the expression of colors. All the paintings in this series were created under the influence of jazz compositions; all the images depicted were inspired by the music.

The cycle “Second Life of the Machines – Eternity” is dedicated to the idea of time. In the paintings, machines that were once luxury items, have become ghosts of destroyed illusions. . In these pictures unity and struggle of the Technical Progress with natural forces are transferred with great energy and distinct a semantic undertone. Complex multi-layered painting techniques of the author creates a unique effect of diversity and each time the painting is perceived in a different way …

The works of these cycles were presented in New York, Monaco, London, Paris.

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