Max Rey  – an artist, acutely feeling the pulse of the days, its volatility and fluctuation. “The tonality of the 21st century is black and white; our days are devoid of halftones”.118

The color in his paintings, or rather the absence of it – is the way of expression deliberately chosen by the artist. “The picture cannot be detached from the moment, when it is being painted, canvas is the soul of the times!” The people in his paintings are not specific personalities, but ideas and emotions. The idea of line is of particular importance in the pictures of Max Ray, in his works it vibrates, lives, like line of life it creates everything and is everything. Alternation of black and white strips – as a set of binary code, Yin Yang, the unity and struggle of opposites.
Particularly interesting are series “Geometry” where human bodies are weaved of black and white mosaic.

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