Maison D’Art Monaco Exhibition

Wernissage of the Exhibition in Maison D’Art Monaco

Nicole Antrione

Exhibition of new generation of “Urban Art” artists in one’s of the Famous Art Gallery in Monaco, December 2016.

This performance is the work of a group of artists from the Urban Art generation composed of American and European painters of world renowned. They are ideologists of an increasingly popular current motivated by their freedom of experimentation, in search of new trends. They work together in styles absolutely new and different from those in which they have gained their renowned. With the will to be judged solely on aesthetic quality and their power of innovation in painting and not on their notoriety … in other words “Art for Art”.


One of the latest trends in contemporary art based on the principle of the anonymity when the artist is not judged on his renown but solely on his artistic quality and creativity of innovation in Art…


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