Month: February 2018

Art and Individuality in modern Society

Contemporary Art comes more and more influential on individual perception Daniel Rottenberg Modern society has crossed over the line separating the [...]

We Spoke to the Artist Fixing Cracks in the Sidewalk With Gold

Rachel Sussman’s ‘Sidewalk Kintsukuroi’ series brings a traditional Japanese art practice to the streets. Stafford Vice In the Spring of 2014, [...]

“Art For Art” as a new performance in Contemporary visual arts

“Art for Art” as one of the latest trends in contemporary art based on the principle of the anonymity. Franck Monsonego This performance is the [...]

Lush, Vibrant Paintings Depict the Magic of Growing Up Outdoors

Ewa Recinos Most of our childhood memories revolve around play: the games we made up, the imaginary friends we created, and the places where we felt the [...]

Celestial Galaxies Explode in These Gorgeous Fluid Paintings

Nathaniel Ainley Aluminum prints of smokey multi colored clouds might look like impressions of an exploding star in some far-off galaxy, but actually, they're [...]