“Art For Art” movement

Art for Art is one of the latest trends in contemporary art based on the principle of the Anonymity.

Art for Art is a name  of movement in contemporary art.

This movement reveal as a performance  of a group  artists from the Urban Art generation composed of American and European painters of world renowned. They are ideologists of an increasingly popular current motivated by their freedom of experimentation, in search of new trends. They work together in styles absolutely new and different from those in which they have gained their renowned. With the will to be judged solely on aesthetic quality and their power of innovation in painting and not on their notoriety.  For the first time this title  “Art for Art” was used on exhibition in Monaco 2016.


The names of these artists are the monikers, intentionally chosen by the famous American and European artists to work together in absolutely new styles, different from those in which they gained their recognition. These artists are the ideologists of one of the latest trends in contemporary art which is based on the principle of the creative person’s anonymity when the basis of the recognition of the artist’s talent is not his artistic biography but the power and innovation of his works.

The main purpose of those Anonymous is the Freedom of experiment, a creative search for new styles and trends in art. The ideology of this direction is associated with [[Gestalt philosophy]] and the idea of the unity of subject and object of perception. For these famous artists important is the effect of experiencing of a particular moment of reality in the painting that in no way is associated with the name known all over the world. The idea of the total negation of personal experience is taken from the works of Carlos Castaneda. Being the author of the world’s famous books he did his best to completely hide and delete any information about himself and had kept his biography secret from public. For the artists of this trend the actual creativity is the only important goal and complete anonymity allows emerging of various legends and stories about the real authorship and value of the work, rather than vice versa. Due to globalization this trend in art is becoming more and more popular.

As a result, Artists are those who intentionally do not post any information about themselves in social networks

Franck Dew

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